WeatherEdge Platform. Let the weather deliver your message.

Imagine you could speak directly to your customers every time the weather changes.  

Now you can.  Craft the perfect message for your customers – rain or shine, hot or cold, down the street or across the globe.

Our WeatherEdge™ intelligence is:

  • Customizable:  Regardless of your product or its association with weather, we can tailor a custom blend of conditions to influence your audience where pertinent weather is occurring.
  • Easy:  Working with weather data is challenging – let us do the thinking for you.  We distill hundreds of different weather conditions into those few that will resonate most for your brand, and can help tailor your messages to maximize performance.
  • Global:  With WeatherEdge™, you can deliver your weather-specific message to targeted audiences all around the world. Whether it has just started snowing in Moscow or a heat wave is in the forecast for Tokyo, WeatherEdge™ will push the appropriate advertisement based on the user’s local weather.
  • Sensitive:  When it comes to weather, everything is relative – On any given day, 40 degrees feels a whole lot different to the people living in Miami than to those in Minneapolis.  WeatherEdge was built atop decades of robust climate information to ensure that your message will appear everywhere people are feeling a chill in the air.

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