Keath Chan. Chief Technology Officer

Keath was hooked on technology ever since his first Nintendo Game & Watch when he was three.  Ever since that time, there has been a natural gravitation towards all things technology.  He wrote his first program in QBasic in grade school and assembled his first computer from scratch in middle school.  He knew very early on that technology would play a major role in his career and life.

Keath pursued a Computer Science degree at Cornell University but made sure to broaden his knowledge beyond programming.  He supplemented his CS studies with a concentration in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering where he picked up his project management sensibilities.  Furthermore, he embraced his creative side in also adding 3D rendering and cognitive studies to his curriculum.

Out in the real world, Keath was able to combine all that he had studied in school into advancing both the state technology.  He has worked in the advertising and marketing industry for over 8 years which combined with 2 years in financial services has led to technical solutions that are both process-minded and cutting edge .  His diverse client list includes Century 21 Real Estate, Nike, Chevron, Dannon, and Verizon with whom he was able to bring innovative thought leadership and come up with creative applications of technology.