Jason Chen. Co-Founder / Chief Strategy & Operating Officer

Jason has over 13 years of domestic and international strategic consulting experience leading business planning engagements to help launch start-ups, grow small and mid size businesses, improve the operations of fortune 500 companies, and perform large-scale transformations of public institutions in emerging markets to spur economic development and attract foreign investment. Throughout his career, Jason has worked in the Middle East, Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Jason is also the founder of VentureScope, LLC, a strategic consulting and investment firm dedicated to bolstering success among entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small-mid-size businesses. Specifically, VentureScope excels at identifying attractive markets, assessing operational strategies, seizing funding, and crafting point-by-point action plans to launch companies and establish long-term growth potential.

In his free time, Jason supports Madison House, a non-profit organization that serves as the student volunteer center at the University of Virginia. Jason previously served from 2010 – 2013 as the Chair of the Fund Development Committee for the Madison House Alumni Council, a dedicated group of Madison House alumni whose purpose is to support and strengthen the tradition of service at Madison House and in their own communities.