Daniel Alexander. Co-Founder / Chief Meteorologist & Data Scientist

Dan co-founded WeatherAlpha to help people and businesses understand the impact of weather on their customers while creating solutions to proactively manage its effects.

Dan has had an eye to the sky for as long as he can remember – growing up in New England, he developed a passion for the region’s wide assortment of atmospheric flavors. He also recognized the universal impact of weather at an early age – he recalls the disappointment when fog and warm temperatures cancelled a Middle School ski trip as well as the collective exuberance on the ball field during the first warm and sunny day of the spring.

Beyond weather, Dan is a self-confessed data junkie. He has worked as a data scientist in industries ranging from Digital Marketing to Financial Services to Humanitarian Aid. Dan was the data architect for the WeatherEdge data platform, and leads the sourcing of new data sources and development of proprietary data sets.

Dan graduated from Yale University in 2003 and obtained his MS in Meteorology from Penn State University in 2009.