Core Values. What We Stand For.

Our vision is to be a true partner of our clients – measured by the quality of our products and services and the emphasis we place on our values and ethics.  To make this vision a reality, we live and work by a set of Core Values that actively demonstrates the integrity with which we operate.

Our Core Values
Trust Integrity Respect Excellence Teamwork
Professionalism Fairness Client Service Diversity Transparency

We apply these values to everything we do, including:

Our primary mission is to help our clients to excel.  We fulfill that mission by providing dedicated staff of outstanding meteorologists, marketing specialists, strategists, and technologists – all of whom are creative problem solvers and innovative thinkers.

We believe that simple is better than complex and that the quality of our innovation requires focusing on the user – everything else will follow.

We believe in deep collaboration with our clients, which allows us to develop solutions and innovate in ways that ensure that our clients succeed.

We don’t settle for anything less than excellence in everything we do, and we have the “self-honesty” to admit when we are wrong and the ability to change.

We seek to be game changers – plain and simple.  We expect our insights and products to create measurable bottom-line results for our clients.

We are accountable for commitments, results, and quality to our clients, partners, and employees.  We are self-critical, questioning, transparent, and committed to excellence and continued improvement.  We are willing to take on big challenges and see them through.

We strive to develop innovative and actionable insights and technology.

We value the unique contributions each person makes to our company.  We believe that members of our team reflect diverse backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives – which enables us to give our clients the most effective value for their investment.

Social Responsibility
We believe that giving back to the community should be a real priority.  Each year, up to 5% of WeatherAlpha’s profit is donated to weather disaster and relief funds around the world.  We value our planet and respect Mother Nature.  We don’t wish to use Mother Nature for our sole benefit – we wish to help our clients better understand and value weather, and in doing so we will also help communities that have unfortunately been shattered by weather events.